The mission of Johnston Law Office is to provide high quality and responsive legal services in the most cost-efficient manner.  Our goal is to proactively reach early, economical, and favorable resolutions of disputes on behalf of our clients.  We begin each assignment by conducting a prompt and thorough case investigation and evaluation.  We then work closely with our clients to develop a concise and effective litigation plan and case budget.

Johnston Law Office zealously represents its clients throughout litigation by combining its experience and skill with pragmatic business acumen and judgment.  We proactively communicate with our clients, keep them informed about case developments, provide ongoing risk assessments, and give updated cost estimates.  The firm strives to resolve cases early in the litigation process, actively participating in alternative dispute resolution and avoiding unnecessary litigation.  Simultaneously, we aggressively and methodically build our cases for trial in the event that early resolution is not possible.  This approach places our clients in the best possible position to achieve favorable results.

We have the expertise and experience to handle complex litigation, but are nimble enough to serve smaller disputes with superior efficiency.  Our modest size and low overhead enable us to provide high quality legal work for our clients at reasonable cost.  We staff cases efficiently and incorporate technological tools to provide cost effective representation.  Our software enables us to capture, utilize, and share with our clients thousands of pages of case materials.  In addition, all legal research is performed through high speed access to Westlaw® at no cost to our clients.

Johnston Law Office also provides alternative and fixed fee arrangements and timely electronic billing to reduce cost uncertainty of cases.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss with potential clients our experience, approach to litigation, and billing options.

Patrick J. Johnston, Esq.

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